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Callie ([personal profile] callie_chan) wrote2014-04-17 06:26 pm

Anon Feedback - EpicMafia

Hey :v It's Callie, and in mafia I play:

Helter Skelter (thedrifter)
Lyndis Nivali (artfulTransgressor)
Zosimo Nivali (absoluteTiming)
Erwin Smith (fearless)
Connie Springer (thoughtless)
Nagito Komaeda (absolutehope)
Leon Kuwata (baseballer)
Inigo (manhandled/floozy)*
Silence (SwallowtailSilence)
Schuldig (Schuldig)
Dias (thebloodyroad)
Sephiroth (soldierspecimen)
Vincent Valentine (galianbeast)
Jin (flawIess) [yes that second L is a capital I]
Shi-Long Lang (alphamale)
Kuja (ingenue)
Bro Strider (plushcrush)
Dirk Strider (transcendTransition)
Karkat Vantas (fuckingsigned)
Colonel Jade Curtiss (fonslut)
Shiro Kirogane (shirocomplex)
Kuuso-no-Mikoto (clanless)
Kuroo Tetsurou (nekohohoho/provoking/carnivorous/domesticated)*
Iwaizumi Hajime (takemyfriendplease)
Spark (fearow)
Ken Joshima (thedogthatbityou)
Zen (autosexual)
Torch Sawyer (southernfried/FlashFire)
Spanner (mechanical)
Gladiolus Amicitia (meatshieId/loyaI/shielded/kingshield)*

*AU of the character may vary

If you have any comments or concerns about me, my characters, or anything at all mafia-related, feel free to leave them here! Anon commenting is on, IP logging is off, and anonymous replies will be screened(if you want your reply screened, just reply anonymously; you can always identify yourself in the content of the message if you don't care about hiding your identity).