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Character: Schuldig
Canon: Weiss Kreuz
Journal: [personal profile] have_your_lives
One of my favorite characters to play, if only because his tendency to want to fuck up everyone else means that he's almost always got something interesting to do, no matter where I play him. People love conflict, and Schuldig is a complication on legs. I thought I'd lost his voice for awhile when I first started playing Zevran, but he's come back since and I hadn't realized how much I'd missed him~

Character: Vergil
Canon: Devil May Cry
Journal: [profile] twins_right
Vergil is a character I don't usually play much, if only because I really like exploring his relationship with Dante, so I usually only like to play with Dantes played by my own friends...and, sadly, I don't have many friends who play him. I think [personal profile] leaute's Dante will always be my favorite, though~

Character: Ildon
Canon: SaGa Frontier
Journal: [profile] blackwingprince
Probably the second most obscure character I play, Ildon is one character out of an old Playstation RPG that had seven main characters and god knows how many recruitable party members - I'd say at least twenty, maybe more - and Ildon was merely one of the throng who played a semi-significant part in only one of those seven storylines and nowhere else. I picked him up originally because someone was playing the main character from that storyline, which is the first and only time I'd ever had a chance to play him with a castmate. I actually liked playing him pretty well, but I'll probably never find a place to play him again. :/

Character: Silence
Canon: SaGa Frontier
Journal: [personal profile] mute_mystic
The most obscure character I play, bar none! Silence and Ildon are from the same game, but while Ildon has a semi-significant role in one of the storylines, Silence has no significant role in any storyline...and, since he's mute, he has about one line in the game, spoken by his shadow. (Long story.) The one storyline he would have been even vaguely important in was cut from the game, and I only know through one fan-translated story from a official compilation book on the game. That said, what little I do know I love, and I've always liked mute characters, so I picked him up on a whim~ And I even found a Nusakan to play him off of. He's been challenging, but interesting to play - and when you're a mute vampire with butterfly wings, how can you not be?

Character: Zell Dincht
Canon: Final Fantasy VIII
Journal: [profile] burst_knuckle
I haven't played Zell anywhere except on AIM in years. I first made this journal for CFUD, but his app didn't get voted in. I then played him so briefly at [personal profile] damned that I actually forgot several times that I ever had, and that's the last time he's been active. It's kinda sad, but I'd really prefer to play him with castmates and I've never had any that lasted very long in the games I've played in.

Character: Zolf J. Kimbley
Canon: Fullmetal Alchemist
Journal: [profile] cloakofcrimson
Kimbley's another character I only played briefly, and I think only in a game I myself modded. I don't think I was all that amazing with him, so just as well. :x Having seen a bit of manga!Kimbley, I think I'd prefer to play him over anime!Kimbley if I ever pick up the character again...but that's a fuckload of manga to read, so the day I'd ever pick up Kimbley again in any capacity is far off. ogod so many of these old journals have terrible icons

Character: Vincent Valentine
Canon: Final Fantasy VII
Journal: [profile] emo_stigmata
I've literally not used this journal since you could only have three icons; that's how long it's been. It was only used for a parody RP where we sort of lampshaded the classic character tropes, which is why the username is basically ridiculous. I've always wanted to play him seriously somewhere, but I never really have...usually because I pick up Sephiroth instead.

Character: Jade Curtiss
Canon: Tales of the Abyss
Journal: [profile] colonel_badass
Ah, Jade, you impossible bastard. The truth is that I love playing Jade, but he requires a lot of mental energy to keep up with - both due to his complexity as a character and due to his canon intellect being sky high. I'm usually happy to play him places, but the less actively demanding the game, the better.

Character: Tao Master Waka
Canon: Okami
Journal: [profile] godsgift2man
I really enjoyed playing Waka in the one game I had him in, but the truth was I couldn't get him really interacting with anyone outside of our Amaterasu - that and I couldn't really work out a way to make his powers of prophecy work in the setting. I may try him out again someday, although I don't know where.

Character: Steve Burnside
Canon: Resident Evil
Journal: [profile] golden_guns
Played very briefly in one game I couldn't really get the hang of. I don't know if I want to try again without playing the game itself or one of its remakes; I was going entirely from having watched LPs before, and that may have been why I never really felt comfortable with him.

Character: Albert Wesker
Canon: Resident Evil
Journal: [personal profile] gone_viral
Wesker's one of the only characters I have a journal for that I've never officially tried to play anywhere. I think I've watched the LPs or played the games of every game he's been in, but he's got so damn much canon that I'm a little intimidated even considering playing him - especially since I didn't get into the franchise until RE4.

Character: Dias Flac
Canon: Star Ocean: The Second Story/Second Evolution
Journal: [personal profile] the_bloody_road
Dammit, Dias, you always manage to be so quiet that I somehow forget you. Dias is one of my favorite characters to play, even though he's tough to get socializing, just because he tends to have some really sweet and/or complex relationships with people when he has any at all. He does tend to sort of fade into the background when played alongside other characters, though.

Character: Zevran Arainai
Canon: Dragon Age: Origins
Journal: [profile] rogue_crow
One of my newer additions, and definitely one of my favorites. Zevran is a lot of fun to play, and what would be crack for most characters is totally IC for him, so I can goof off with him if I feel like it - and he's still capable of being serious when there's reason to be. Some bad experiences have made it hard for me to play him, though...although I'm sure I could pick him up again eventually.

Character: Fenris
Canon: Dragon Age 2
Journal: [personal profile] unasked_for
One of the newest additions to my roster - obviously much more recent than Zevran, given that he's from the sequel game - and quickly becoming a favorite. |D He's got some really fascinating aspects to him, as well as just generally being a badass - he's extremely intelligent and makes some really interesting arguments in canon, and I love playing those kinds of conversations out with any character. Dragon Age has some incredibly interesting and well-defined personalities, and the only thing I like more than playing one of those is playing one of those off of other Dragon Age characters.

Character: Demyx
Canon: Kingdom Hearts
Journal: [personal profile] sitarded
An old favorite, although he's gone really quiet in the past months. I'm pretty sure I can stir him up again when needed - he's always come really easily to me - but for now there's nowhere I feel any particular desire to play him, so he's on a kind of quiet hiatus in my head.

Character: Saïx
Canon: Kingdom Hearts
Journal: [profile] lunar_phase
I haven't played Saïx nearly as much as Demyx, if only because - as much as I love Saïx - Demyx is way easier and more interesting to play anywhere that I might want to play with an Org cast. So, sadly, Saïx sits largely unused.

Character: Kuja
Canon: Final Fantasy IX/Dissidia
Journal: [profile] erogenome
I've never actually played Kuja anywhere that wasn't an AU game, so I've been able to get away with Dissidia characterization + only having played about 2/3rds of the way through the original game, but I do want to actually finish IX before I ever try to pick him up somewhere else, or even think about playing a canon version. (Barring that, I need to learn to accept that playing the Dissidia version is playing a canon doesn't feel like it to me, somehow...) I do enjoy the hell out of him, though, overblown drama and all.

Character: Sephiroth
Canon: Final Fantasy VII
Journal: [personal profile] silver_soldier
It's odd that I haven't found somewhere new to throw Sephiroth, since he's one of my favorite characters to play and he's been inactive for awhile. I probably will in fairly short order, although considering my current load across all my games, I''d probably want to drop someone before I picked anyone else up.

Character: Cronus Ampora
Canon: Homestuck
Journal: [personal profile] bard_of_hope
Only very, very briefly played at Entranceway; not sure if I'll ever do anything else with him.

Character: Bro Strider
Canon: Homestuck
Journal: [personal profile] plushcrush
I've only recently made a journal for Bro, and only equally recently tried to play him officially anywhere. Normally I just play him on AIM or in IC mafia, because with Bro a LOT of headcanon for backstory and voice is necessary; any game I'd want to app him into would need to be okay with that. I JUST HAPPENED TO BE ABLE TO APP HIM INTO THE GAME OF SOMEONE WHO'S BEEN MY RP PARTNER FOR AGES AND LOVES MY BRO~

Character: Commander Erwin Smith
Canon: Attack on Titan
Journal: [personal profile] eyebrowtonoone
Again, a recently made journal for the same game I apped Bro into. THE USERNAME IS PROOF I SHOULD TOSS MYSELF OUT WITH THE REST OF THE GARBAGE.

Character: Rin Matsuoka
Canon: Free!
Journal: [personal profile] biteouttacrime
An AU stripper!Rin for an AU game set in a shady setting. See that username? To the window/to the wall/TO THE TRASH WHERE I BELONG

Character: Lewellyn Bryse
Canon: Original Character
Journal: [personal profile] kleptophile
My absolute favorite OC, and the only one I've ever even attempted to play anywhere officially. Lyn was initially the most minor of characters in my original universe - just a name in the background story of a major character - but over the years he worked his way more and more to the forefront, as the character he was set dressing for became more important and his relationship with that character grew in significance. And eventually I realized I was more interested in Lyn's story than in the 'main' character he was interacting with, so my focus completely shifted to him. And I've never regretted it~. Of course, his being an OC means I needed a PB for him, and while I hate that all PBs are kind of required to look like models when Lyn isn't meant by nature to have amazing looks or anything, I have to admit that the PB I found for him is breathtakingly perfect as far as expressions and attitude go, so I'm still really pleased with him.

Alex (Golden Sun)
Sheik (Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time)
Sesshoumaru (Inu-Yasha)
Helter-Skelter (No More Heroes)
Jin (Samurai Champloo)
Gremio (Suikoden)
Karkat Vantas (Homestuck)
Dirk Strider (Homestuck)
Miles Edgeworth (Ace Attorney)
Shi-Long Lang (Ace Attorney)
Sherlock Holmes (BBC)
Loki Laufeyson (Movieverse)
Thorin Oakenshield (The Hobbit)
Filì (The Hobbit)
Leon Kuwata (Dangan Ronpa)
Nagito Komaeda (Super Dangan Ronpa 2)
Garry (Ib)
Dio (Mad Father)
Connie Springer (Attack on Titan)
Inigo (Fire Emblem: Awakening)
Kuuso-no-mikoto (Scarlet Fate)

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